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We are a family-owned and community-oriented business on Dimond’s historic site of Tepper’s Beer Garden. The Tepper Hotel building still stands behind our market

tepperTepper’s Hotel circa 1900

Take Diamond Cars?
The sign in front of the hotel suggested taking the “Diamond Cars.” Given that Tepper bought the land for his beer garden from Dimond, we doubted that this could be an early example of the “A” problem.
Dennis Evanosky explains
It was the “Red Diamond line”; the name had nothing to do with the district. It was the designation for the streetcar line that ran from downtown Oakland at 13th and Washington streets to Fruitvale and up to Hopkins (MacArthur). In the days before they numbered the cars, they used disks with different symbols. This particular streetcar sported a disk with a red diamond. I’ll bet the diamonds on that sign were red; people would know what they meant.